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Julio Varela (papijulio) has, as he relates, for many years been a student of the world of religion, of philosophy. He has shared those wisdoms, as he has gained even more, as a businessman and public speaker. His background and interests are diverse and varied, and much of what he has been exposed to in his lifetime has been distilled, purified, and presented in this volume. Reading Papi Julio's book makes one feel as if you have been privileged to benefit from all of his experience and knowledge, presented here in an easy and enjoyable to read volume. I recommend this book wholeheartedly!

J. Williams

Full of rich content, yet easy and enjoyable to read - October 2, 2016 Rating

I skimmed the entire book. I have made this conclusion.... in my life I have had two distinct pedagogues in effect (my religious influence and my M. Ed. in human development). This is a refreshing approach to life that is well educated and experienced... yet falls in the middle of the two above mentioned. This book is a life changer if you want it to be. It shares a realistic and accessible equation to the greatest commodity in the world... peace. The book is shared in a very humble spirit yet is challenging the reader to consider greatness if he/she is ready.

Furthermore...this book speaks to the simple concept of self-awareness... yet offers an accessible and practicable approach, rather than a stage of development or religious acceptance. In conclusion... don't read the book in one sitting... to me that would be too much to absorb and make a sincere change.... rather, take one chapter a day or week… or whatever your rate of literary metabolism is. If you want change through this book... don't just read it... experience it... rather allow yourself to experience your new you.

C. St. Cyr

It shares a realistic and accessible equation to the greatest commodity in the world - October 7, 2016 Rating

" Most of the time, if not all of the time, we tend to justify staying in our present condition and not venturing out and taking that big step that will propel us to another level of existence. No, I’m not talking about financial gain, not a business career change nor any tangible sort of progression that can be measured by earthly success. I’m talking about the ultimate gain of reaching in and pulling out our essential nature, our inner being, our inherent self, our soul, our spirit, our true presence, our piece of divinity; realizing that our power is limitless and that we never have to worry again because we know. "