Gala Day Fall Event Fundraiser
for Southern Cassadaga
Spiritualist Camp

November 12, 2016 from 10 AM to 4 PM EST
Davis Building
1112 Stevens St. Cassadaga, Florida USA 32706


Book Signing

November 20, 2016 from 12 PM to 3 PM EST
Cassadaga Bookstore
1112 Stevens St. Cassadaga, Florida USA 32706

Book signing is popular because an author's signature increases the value of books for collectors. The author may add a short message to the reader, called a dedication, to each book, which may be personalized with the recipient's name upon request. A simple author's signature without a dedication is typically more valuable to collectors (exceptions include inscriptions to persons of note, e.g., from Hemingway to Fitzgerald, or to persons of significance in the author's life).

“ This randomness, this uncertainty of what is going to happen next is what makes life worth living. The mystery of life is just that - a mystery, no need to figure every single piece of the puzzle when you are a major part of the puzzle already, and thus you are the mystery in itself!
Just live the mystery, be an active stakeholder that accepts all outcomes as part of the continuous expansion of its never ending journey. ”