I believe that everything that comes into our lives has the randomness of reason attached to our conscious desire for change.

Since you are reading this book, or at least you are in the process of deciding if you want to read it or not, willingly or unwillingly you have conjured a desire of finding out what a book called “Black Hat Wisdom” is all about.

First thoughts, might have been about why Black versus White hat wisdom. Since we were born we have been conditioned to think in ways that are constantly based in dichotomies, in light versus darkness, safe versus dangerous, or many other ways that might tend to justify comparisons based on what can be construed to be either good or bad. These conditions are based on what I consider to be our best friends or our worst enemies: words.

When I decided to write this book I was initially going to call it “My Transcendental Journey To Find Spiritual Freedom.” That was not to be the case since my daughter-in-law, Susan Williams, suggested a title that I would have never thought about, because it could have implications of self-proclamation of being wise. Frankly, that is only something that can be attributed by others and not claimed by me. Thus “Black Hat Wisdom” was born.

Everything that I write arises from my interest in finding out about how to live my life as a mortal human being, and how to unravel the continuity of life as a spirit. My exploration considers how I can become better in understanding what I should be doing with what really matters while I’m alive, and not just living my life based on what others before me defined as the way I should be living. I find myself breaking the notion that others know better than I do in how I should be living this one life, versus accepting that unseen power that lies inside of me and shouts through its glorious silence for me not to worry about death. Just like the silence in between the notes in music that gives life to a song, so does this wisdom of inaudible greatness reveal itself to us.

We need to pay attention to that voice inside of us that is vigilantly alert and waiting to pronounce, not exactly what we want, but what we need to hear. This can only be achieved if we believe that we can tap into that resource that has been squashed by the power of conventional wisdom and/or institutionalized religious dogmas.

This book is about reclaiming your right to freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of action, freedom from the monster of 1000 heads (your ego), freedom to be who you know intuitively, deep inside, is your true identity, your spiritual freedom. It is about suggesting how to take in the knowledge, of not just the many philosophers and avatars that have come before us, but more so, of the INCREDIBLE power that lies inside of us and that we can wisely apply to any and all circumstances that we face in our everyday lives.

My only request is for you to have an open mind; to at least permit the possibility of a different way to question everything, while knowing that there are no final answers. There are only more questions that arise once we commit ourselves to change.

*Respectful Warning:

" Nothing that I write is meant to convince anyone of whatever my observations or my beliefs are, nor about how anybody should live their life, think, nor act. My writings are not intended to preach nor direct anyone to do what might be considered as what I want others to be like. Just be YOU. "

" You are more than your thoughts, you are so much more than your body armor, you are something that is unexplainable and nameless, with the most powerful attributes that you could ever imagine, all available to be recognized and used at will by you. What we understand in human terms to be at the top of these attributes is really the epitome of the sum of all the attributes, that are part of and thus are all combined to form what we are in essence made of - LOVE! "