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Julio (papijulio) Varela was born and raised in Puerto Rico, graduated (BA) from the University of Puerto Rico in 1969.

He moved to USA in 1982 and presently lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife of 38 years, Margarita. His family is his legacy. Everything that moves him, everything that he does, every breath he takes, is for the ultimate benefit of his wife, two daughters, three sons and six grandchildren.

Nine years ago he dropped his involvement in the conventional business world and decided to find out what this one life was really all about, and after death continuity of life. He divested himself of all worldly possessions and proceeded to enter what he considers to be the most enlightening time of his life. Reading, meditation and writing became his everyday pursuits - acquiring knowledge from many of the past and present providers of wisdom as he could. Finally settling in studying as many things as possible related to metaphysics, life after death, spiritualism, most major religions and their respective defining books; while investing most of the last 8 years in studying the Tao Te Ching, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj books, Seth's series of books channeled through Jane Roberts and many other sources of unconventional wisdom.

Brought back into the business world by the request of a friend, Varela’s new understanding of his new path in life enabled him to formulate an approach that would take metaphysical attributes and apply them to human everyday life encounters. Thus Black Hat Wisdom was born. Papijulio's writings have been published in Sources of Wisdom #2, #3, #4 and most humbly in the very respected Satpal Ji Maharaj's Manav Dharam Spiritual & Inspirational Magazine.

Varela is fluent in Spanish & English, a trait that has helped him build a goodwill bridge between the Anglo and Hispanic/Latino cultures. This fact has led him to develop an intrinsic, from the heart ability to attract, train & motivate others. For many years prior to his surrender to what he considers to be what really is important in his life, he used to use a shotgun approach.

Now he is only “looking for all those people that are looking for him”; while at the same time working in bringing harmony and balance to those involved in the world of business and who hunger to live a more fulfilling life in the service of others. He considers service to others as the main factor in finding happiness.

Over the years, he has specialized in helping companies through all levels of development & growth. He has been actively involved in providing products & services to both Anglo and Hispanic markets in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean while also creating high-level contacts throughout the world.

In between all of his business endeavors he has also been involved in helping his oldest son Julio Ricardo, www.juliorvarela.com, with the international launch of his brother tenor Fernando Varela www.fernandovarela.com through Social Media.

As Varela just entered into the 8th decade of this present life he is living, his mind still remains actively mesmerized and grateful for every single breath he takes.

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“ The extra in extraordinary is just that, something that has been added to a word in order to separate. If something is meant to separate, then it is not considered to be unifying, and thus it can’t be said to be part of ONE, for the integrity of being ONE, is that it CANNOT be divided.

Let’s stay together living an extraordinary life in an ordinary way and let peace and love ALWAYS lead the way. ”