by Julio Varela


"Believe in whatever it is you believe in, you are correct in doing so for as long as you believe in what you believe in - and you will also be correct if you ever change what that belief might be. It is okay to wonder why, it is okay to be asking questions, it is okay to be mad sometimes, its is okay to experience your emotions, it is okay to be human - just as it is okay to know that you are more than human and that there is something else that seems to shout at you that you are GREATER THAN GREAT and at the same time you are not better nor worse than anyone else."




Julio (papijulio) Varela was born and raised in Puerto Rico, graduated (BA) from the University of Puerto Rico in 1969.

He moved to USA in 1982 and presently lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife of 38 years, Margarita. His family is his legacy. Everything that moves him, everything that he does, every breath he takes, is for the ultimate benefit of his wife, two daughters, three sons and six grandchildren.

Nine years ago he dropped his involvement in the conventional business world and decided to find out what this one life was really all about, and after death continuity of life. He divested himself of all worldly possessions and proceeded to enter what he considers to be the most enlightening time of his life. Reading, meditation and writing became his everyday pursuits - acquiring knowledge from many of the past and present providers of wisdom as he could. Finally settling in studying as many things as possible related to metaphysics, life after death, spiritualism, most major religions and their respective defining books; while investing most of the last 8 years in studying the Tao Te Ching, Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj books, Seth's series of books channeled through Jane Roberts and many other sources of unconventional wisdom.



Julio Varela (papijulio) has, as he relates, for many years been a student of the world of religion, of philosophy. He has shared those wisdom, as he has gained even more, as a businessman and public speaker.
His background and interests are diverse and varied, and much of what he has been exposed to in his lifetime has been distilled, purified, and presented in this volume...

J. Williams

I skimmed the entire book. I have made this conclusion... in my life I have had two distinct pedagogues in effect (my religious influence and my M. Ed. in human development). This is a refreshing approach to life that is well educated and experienced... yet falls in the middle of the two above mentioned. This book is a life changer if you want it to be. It shares a realistic and accessible equation to the greatest commodity in the world... peace...

C. St. Cyr


"Just because there are tables that provide the average age of when a male or female will cease to exist, doesn’t mean that we should be constantly consciously worrying of when that moment will come. Instead we should be taking advantage of any new discovery that provides us with the ability to furnish our bodies with the sustenance that will continue to provide us life, second by second. This is what I call “real life-extension.” I call it staying alive until our life giving system is no longer providing its innate immunity protection, or just naturally stops. There is a time for sure that this will happen, but what is the need to know when that time will be? Living the mystery is for me more exciting, for I don’t believe in death anyway! Though I confess that I want to live this life for as long as I’m able to, I also know that everything has a beginning and everything has an end. The circle of life exists both physically and spiritually. So our body dies, but we also keep living forever."